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Scana Fork

Scana Fork Material

Scana Booforge is specialised in forklift trucks from 8 tonnes and upwards. Through a unique combination of material, forging and heat treatment, Scana Booforge is in a class by itself in regards of quality and safety.

Scana Extreme

Assure yourself that your fork arm will withstand extreme conditions. It might be
– high capacity with thin forks, 50% higher loading rate.
– extreme temperature conditions, +80°C – -50°C.
– extreme cargo weight.

Scana Heavy

Scana Heavy fork arm range is designed for forklifts with a capacity range of 25 – 80 tonnes.

Scana Freeview

It’s all about having a clear line of sight. The Scana Freeview fork arms allow the driver to have maximum clear view even when the fork arms are positioned close together or in “coil”-positions.

Scana Light

Scana Light fork arm range is designed for forklifts with a capacity range of 8 – 12 tonnes.

Scana Inverted

Scana Inverted Fork Arms are designed to fit any of the existing container spreaders on the market. With Scana Inverted Fork arms, the lift height will be increased compared to a standard fork arm spreader lift.

Scana Quarry

Do you need heavy duty forks? Look no further, Scana Quarry is your answer. With Scana Quarry forks you’ll get the job done.

Scana Medium

Scana Medium fork arm range is designed for forklifts with a capacity range of 12 – 25 tonnes.

Scana Terrain Fork

Scana Terrain Fork arms are designed for optimal use on uneven ground. As the fork arms are adjustable in vertical direction, up to 250 mm between the fork arms, the cargo can be handled even under the toughest conditions.

Scana Roller Fork

Scana Roller Forks creates a more stable design compared to a fork arm/carrier solution.
It is an affordable solution of great value as the flexible positioning of the fork arm is remained even without a carrier.

Scana Form

Scana Form

Rarely has the term ”Made in Sweden” been more appropriate to use. That is exactly what you get when you engage us for your free-form forging. All of our products are forged in Sweden and the work is done by skilled professionals. They have long experience and extensive knowledge in free-form forging, particularly for applications requiring complex shapes, small series and extreme strength.
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Certificates and Approvals


SS-EN ISO 9001-2015

Cert no: 8552-02
Quality management systems – requirements

SS-EN ISO 3834-2

Cert no: 061
Quality requirements for fusion welding of metallic materials


Cert no: QA-3203915
To manufacture & supply forgings to Offshore Mooring Accessory


Cert no: AMMM00000JK
Steel Forgings acc to DNVGL –OS-E302 Offshore Mooring Chain, Chain Cable Accessories